Wollongong Now Has It's Very Own, Start Up Hard Seltzer Company!

Wollongong Now Has It's Very Own, Start Up Hard Seltzer Company!

... and it definitely holds it's own amongst the big name brands in the growing hard seltzer industry

Wollongong born and bred company, Island Mist® 'Guilt Free' Hard Seltzer, is one of the latest hard seltzers to hit the market, but with a couple of key differences that help it stand out among stiff competition.

Hard seltzers have fast becoming one of the best selling and fastest growing categories in the alcoholic ready-to-drink scene, largely due to an increased demand for healthy beverage options as consumers become more health conscious. 

So, what is a hard seltzer?

By definition, a hard seltzer is sparkling water, alcohol and fruit flavouring. Often, a hard seltzer is either low sugar or sugar free, and low in calories, making it a great alternative to sugary alcoholic soda-pops. While the concept of a hard seltzer sounds great, many consumers have been turned off the fizzy drink due to big name branded products using artificial sweeteners which consumers described as "defeating the purpose" and also lacking taste, with consumers even going so far to say they taste like "TV static" (we got a nice laugh out of this also.)

And so, the founders of Island Mist® identified this lack of great hard seltzers that tick all the boxes and knew they could make a hard seltzer that not only tasted great, but also was eco-friendly, used only real, natural fruit flavours and is higher in alcohol (who doesn't love more bang for you buck?) 

So what makes Island Mist® unique (and dare we say better) than the competition? 

  • Proudly powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Voted best tasting hard seltzer at multiple trade conventions, focus groups and renowned on-premise venue groups
  • No harmful artificial flavours or sweeteners, all natural, real fruit flavours
  • In an environmentally friendly and recyclable glass bottle 
  • 6% alc/vol
  • Sugar, preservative and gluten FREE

Where can I get my hands on some? 

Currently, Island Mist® stocks a variety of independent bottle shops, bar and clubs in Wollongong, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

For a cheeky drink out on the town, Island Mist® is found at most of Wollongong's hottest bars, including The Prince, Bevanda Bar and The Botanist to name a few. If you're looking for a night in or a great drink for pre's, all 4 Charlie's Liquor Barn sights in Unanderra, Albion Park, Warilla and Tahmoor and Cellarbrations Cringila are all stocked up!

Additionally, all flavours (and mixed party packs) are available on the Island Mist® website, click the link below to go to our shop! 


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