A Hard Seltzer With A Difference

We keep things simple at Island Mist®. A great distilled drop, full real fruit flavours and pure Australian sparkling water. No glitz and glam, no fancy marketing, just a delicious, honest, low calorie alternative that’s light on tomorrow. Island Mist® is exactly what we believe a hard seltzer should be!

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What Is Hard Seltzer?!

A hard seltzer is a sparkling water, blended with natural fruit flavours and alcohol. At Island Mist® we do things a little differently. Unlike most seltzers, we use a triple distilled premium Australian spirit instead of brewing our alcohol like a beer. This enhances the flavour profile naturally, bringing forward the delicious fruit flavours and leaving behind the bitter taste of brewed alcohol.

Powered By 100% Renewable Energy

At Island Mist®, we pride ourselves on not only providing a great tasting, sugar free drop, but also on being an environmentally friendly and sustainable company. Our factory operates on 100% renewable energy sources, and our packaging is recyclable.

Apart from being full flavoured (and bloody delicious) hard seltzer, we are also proud of our efforts to minimalize our environmental impact, doing our part to contribute toward a sustainable future.

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